Cause “Philanthropub” is Open for Business!

CAUSE is based in Washington DC and was founded by Nick Vilelle and Raj Ratwani.  Nick and I lived together in Swaziland while doing development work for different NGOs.  When Nick returned to Washington DC, he and Raj decided to open this bar.

CAUSE makes charitable giving more accessible by doing it through the operation of a restaurant and bar. CAUSE donates 100% of profits to vetted, grassroots organizations that are in need of funds, allowing them to scale their impact to previously unreached beneficiaries. CAUSE lowers the barrier for people to participate in charity by including it in everyday living, thus motivating and educating younger donors. Once on board, this community becomes a powerful force for social good.

These are photos I took for Nick and Raj over the weekend for a media story about the great work they are doing!


Rebekah Beck

great shots! well done