Katie Hawkins-Gaar 
- Producer | CNN
“Hi Neal! Thank you for sharing your amazing Masai Mara photos and travel tips with CNN. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through your fantastic stories. We showcased and featured some of your best photos and stories on the CNN.com homepage this weekend.  Thanks again for sharing your world travels with CNN!”

Lila King – Director at CNN and Founder of CNN iReport
“Neal, your photos are spectacular!”

Raj and Krista Ratwani
“Your photos are really incredible! Absolutely awesome…Krista and I both really love them. I think some my favorites are on the blanket in front of Lincoln, the ones with Rosslyn in the background, and then most of the ones inside are great! I am looking forward to sharing these with family and friends. Thank you so so much!”

Harman Hall – General Manager | Hilton Hotels
“My owner and I have taken a solid look at the hotel pix.  We are absolutely crazy about them! You’re an awesome friend and I appreciate you sharing your talents with me.”

Natalie Higginbotham – Professional Photographer
“You’re one of my favorite photographers, always a joy to get lost in your beautiful work.”

Ashley Strickland – Associate Producer | CNN
“Thanks again for sharing your fantastic photo of Victoria Falls!  It’s so rare that we receive aerial shots, so more power to you!  We featured it yesterday in our Travel Photo of the Day gallery: I look forward to working on future assignments with you!”

Jessie Clear – Magazine Art Director
“Your photos are stunning…seriously, what is your secret?? Gorgeousness!”

Tachi Hahn
“Neal! These are awesome photos. Talk about an over-achiever. You have a natural eye for photography. I especially love the action shots with the girls. I would love to have all of the pix. Thanks again for capturing these special moments!”

Jennifer Stenander
“Neal, you will always be my favorite photographer! Your photographs tell stories and capture the most precious memories. You have a true, God given talent!”

Thomas Kelley
“Neal, I really appreciate the picture! I can’t tell you how many people have commented positively about it. They think it is a postcard until I tell them, no, it is actually me fishing. I enlarged it to 9×12 and am having it professionally framed to hang in my office. Thanks again!”

Samuel Antonio González-Gervacio
“I lost my heart to every single photo…You should be so proud of yourself! Outstanding work!”

Elaine Escher
“Your photos need to be in National Geographic.  WOW…Chilling…They are so incredible!”

Ashley Feemster
“Neal, your pictures are absolutely stunning! Seriously…you have such an eye for photography!”

Stephanie Butcher Doherty
“Wow Neal your pictures move my soul.  So many people have no idea how beautiful the earth is.  Thank you for sharing the pictures. I promise to stalk your website more often to see your pictures.”

Laurie Butler Mizell 
“Hi Friends, Please take a moment to visit Neal’s website…You will be blown away by the photographs he has taken. I promise it will be VERY worth your time, but I do suggest you do this when you have some time….you will be mesmerized and I am certain you will find you want to look at every single photo he has.”

Mario Scott
“You will be the photographer for all things significant in my life. You are an amazing dude!”

Jennifer Deaton Denney
“Incredible photography!!! Just breathtaking!”

Gwen Blevens
“Your photos are too beautiful for words.”

Sam Murray
“Your photos are bloody amazing!”

Jason E Hunt
“Awesome photographs Neal! You’re so talented behind the lense!”

Rachael Piper Dooley
“Your photos are National Geographic worthy!”

Joshua Rubin
“Each of your photos is better than the last!”

Nicole Kadey Hepler
“Your pictures melt my heart…They truly do!”

Ginger Rigby
“Hey Neal! Your photography is amazing! You’re so talented.”

Vickie Bryant-Harris
“Awesome work Neal! You have an eye for beauty!”

Kasey Towson
“Amazing photos!  You’re ready for National Geographic!”

Donna Glenn
“Amazing photographer you are, Neal!”

Jennifer Walz Hunnicutt
“Neal, you have the best pictures ever—I’m blown away!”

Dane Robinson
“Neal, your photography captures the essence of your travels like no other.”

Charlene Crosser Bentzel
“Beautiful pictures every time like a masterpiece. Have enjoyed your picture journey, it was breath taking.”